Playstation 3 “Murals”

Entertainment “takes over” an urban neighborhood in a PlayStation 3 spot from Deutsch in Los Angeles. The ad is all about the effects, keeping viewers trained to the video graphics and movie scenes as they come to life and literally invade a cityscape with the action. It all begins when a guy walking down a city street inexplicably stops to doodle on the side of a building. As he starts to draw an image, it becomes animated and grows to fill the wall with graphics from a video game. The action violently crashes through a window, into an apartment, blowing furniture out of its way (thankfully it appears no one is home), and comes crashing back out another window and onto a moving truck that leads viewers to the next moving image. A scene from the latest Batman movie fills TV screens in an electronics store window and expands to take over the entire wall. The perspective pulls up to an overhead shot of the now-entertainment-filled intersection and ends with the tagline, “Entertainment unleashed.” The spot offers a lot to look at, but ultimately little more than eye candy to differentiate the brand from its competitors. –Eleftheria Parpis