Playing In The Ad Bands

Agencies are full of restless creative types, biding their time until the agent calls.
Fourteen ad people recently got the call from Pfeifer Music Partners, Los Angeles, to contribute to a compact disc called Spotlight on Adbands, to be released this September.
The performers were selected from a nationwide contest that drew 50 bands, singers and instrumentalists. Doug Schommer, a producer at Hughes, Ruck & Murphy in Milwaukee, sings his own song, “Freak,” on cut number 11.
“It’s about a copywriter at another agency,” Schommer said.
“I think it’s a creative thing,” Schommer said of the number of musicians who work at ad agencies. “I don’t know of any account executives in bands.”
Other Midwestern performers on the disc are Peter Mayhem, an art director at Bozell in Southfield, Mich., chipping in with “Dr. Suess [sic] Is Dead”; a creative assistant at Flair Communications in Chicago who goes by the name Temple, with “Wanting You”; Mark Nicholas, broadcast assistant at BBDO, Southfield, Mich., and his group Cosmicity performing “Obvious”; and Esther J. Jeon from BVK/McDonald, Milwaukee, with “Turn Away.”
–Trevor Jensen