Playboy Magazine Recreates Vintage Covers for ‘Iconic’ Playmate Celebration

Former Playmates were reshot in the same fashion as their original poses

Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Kogan got the jump on something that will be all over the Internet Sunday. A celebration of Playboy Playmates from the past by the magazine’s energetic new scion Cooper Hefner.

Hefner told Kogan that the idea of reconnecting with former ladies of the month or year and having them redo their original magazine cover poses, all these years later, was something that just “popped into his head” at a meeting:

“The idea was to honor, to commemorate some of the Playmates who have maintained a relationship with us through the decades,” he says. …

“They were, I must say, flattered to be asked. We shot some of them in L.A. and many of them had stories about me as a child. One said, ‘I remember you sitting on my lap when you were a little boy and I was feeding you macaroni.'”

Among those participating in the project are Candace Jordan, the February 1979 Playmate of the Month; Monique St. John (November 1978, Playmate of the Year 1979); Charlotte Kemp (December 1982); and Lisa Matthews (April 1990, Playmate of the Year 1991). The feature will post online Sunday at the URL Kogan’s piece includes some comments from Jordan about the experience.

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