A new national print push for sporting-goods manufacturer Brine features images that show young people enjoying their favorite sports in unexpected settings.

The effort was produced by Newton, Mass.-based Six, a shop formed last year by executives of the now-defunct Donovan Group.

One execution substitutes a parking lot for a soccer field and uses empty shopping carts as “defenders” and “goalies.” Twin sign columns serve as goal posts. “The world is your field,” the ad begins. “Brine Championship is your ball. Play not recommended during peak shopping hours.”

A second ad, for lacrosse products, shows two men practicing on a street with a police speed monitor clocking their tosses at 99 miles an hour.

The work is breaking in sports publications nationwide and will run for the next few months. “The idea isn’t to play in the street” but to acknowledge that some players will practice whenever and where-ever they can, said Six creative director Jay Nelson.