Planet Green “Beach”

Would you want to be compared to a geeky guy wearing swim trunks that are so bright, his groin literally shines like a beacon from the top of a rocky bluff? Even a green activist would run the other way if he or she saw the star of this Planet Green commercial kicking up sand in his solar-powered briefs. One beachgoer who encounters the guy seems curious enough — but the ad skips her likely look of instant disgust after he offers to charge her MP3 player and grabs the device from her hands. The camera thankfully stays tight on his expression as he apparently charges it — and the spot cuts to the unfortunate copy line, “Feel the power of a whole new green.” I appreciate the attempt at humor, because green messaging does take itself too seriously sometimes. But this spot doesn’t do much to pique interest in the “first all-green TV network.” The spot’s style may give the impression that the net’s programming is out of the ordinary, but it also tells viewers that the eco-friendly are an odd bunch of freaks who waste their energies on useless initiatives such as solar swimming trunks. Time to pull the plug. Or perhaps insert one. Puns intended. –Eleftheria Parpis