Planet Central Spreads Mayonnaise’s Appeal

ATLANTA Planet Central is set to launch the first-ever national ad campaign for Duke’s Mayonnaise.

The Richmond, Va., agency will promote the sugar-free spread to the 11 million Americans with diabetes via a partnership with the American Diabetes Association.

The sharply targeted campaign is a departure from the 75-year-old brand’s traditional positioning, which touted great taste and natural ingredients.

“We felt it was time to move beyond its core position,” said Terry Fink, agency co-founder and creative director.

Print ads with copy focused on natural ingredients will appear in the ADA’s publication, Diabetes Forecast, beginning May 27 and appear on the association’s Web site. Consumers will be able to purchase the product online with a free shipping offer during the first 30 days of the campaign.

Tagged “No sugar, no sacrifice,” the effort marks the first time the brand has ventured beyond the Southeast, according to the agency.

Campaign spending was undisclosed.

A division of C.F. Sauer Company, Duke’s Mayonnaise is produced in Greenville, S.C.