David Wojdyla collects stuff, lots of stuff, most of it related to advertising, his chosen profession.
“I’m a bit of a pack rat,” says the executive creative director at Bozell Worldwide in Chicago. “That was the biggest problem when I came here [two years ago]: Would they give me enough space for all my stuff?”
They did, and now Wojdyla is putting his extensive files to use, producing a daily newsletter, “An Informal History of Advertising” that he distributes to the Bozell staff.
The first five issues included pithy aphorisms from sources as disparate as Foote, Cone & Belding co-founder Fairfax Cone (“Many more ads are poor because of what’s put in them than what’s left out,”) and Warren Beatty (“Talking is the gushing of a fire hydrant. Writing is the drip of a faucet.”) Also featured are historic ads, some taken from dusty publications Wojdyla has come across in flea markets and antique shops.
Through his newsletter, Woydyla hopes to share what he has learned from 20 years in the business and show the enduring values that make good ads, he said.
“The appeal is the same today as it was 100 years ago,” Wojdyla said. He expects a long run. “I’m going to do this till I die. I have that much material,” he said.