PKA’s Vermont Ski Spots Target Drive Market

New TV commercials from Paul Kaza Associates for the Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing are de-signed to inspire ski-ers to hit the slopes. But the spots also encourage tourists to get behind the wheel and take a drive to Vermont.

One 30-second ad, titled “Peace,” shows the point of view of someone driving along a scenic country road. The voiceover says, “Where does the road end and a new turn begin? Where can you lose the pressure and find a little peace? And how can just a few hours lead to a few days you’ll never forget? In Vermont.”

Another 30-second execution, “Taste,” shows skiers racing down a mountain. Onscreen copy reads, in part, “The mountains are ready. Are you? Five day packages, including lift tickets and lodging … starting at $295 per person.”

The effort broke earlier this month.

“We’re focusing our efforts on driving people to our Web site and our drive markets,” said VDT&M commissioner Sally Cavanagh.

The spots seek to address travelers’ in-creasing reluctance to fly in the wake of Sept. 11. They em-phasize the therapeutic benefits of a ski holiday and maintain that driving to one’s destination can be enjoyable. The tag- line, “Where the world celebrates winter,” was retained from previous campaigns.

“Dominating the drive market is the name of the game this year,” said Paul Kaza, creative director of the South Burlington, Vt.-based agency.