PJ Party For Writers

It would seem the last thing copywriters would want to do with their spare time is write ad copy.
But when it’s a contest called “Write a Headline the Client Can’t Kill,” and first prize is $10,000, it doesn’t seem like such a burden.
Last week, The Image Bank in Dallas named the winners of its inaugural competition, in which contestants wrote a caption to a surrealistic photograph. The photo in question showed a pair of pajamas (sans human) kneeling at the side of a bed in prayer, with the sleeves raised in “supplication,” the Image Bank stated.
So what were the winning entries? In ascending order:
Third place went to two individuals who submitted this religious-toned tag: “Got guilt?”
Second place, worth $5,000, was for “Ralph Lauren announces half-price sales on all evening wear and wall coverings.”
First place went to Don Carter, a vice president and senior art director at Mintz & Hoke in Avon Conn.: “The new Photoshop.
It will give you and your therapist lots to talk about.”
–Glen Fest