Pizzeria Orders Out for Clarke Goward

BOSTON-Clarke Goward last week broke its first work for Papa Gino’s since adding the pizza chain’s account to its roster.
The Boston shop has crafted a quartet of 60-second radio spots designed to portray the Dedham, Mass., client as a family-friendly eatery. “They are committed to brand advertising,” said agency creative director Spencer Deadrick. “It’s not, ‘Come in for a slice and a coke for $1.99.'” The current ads stress, “Quality, value and fun,” he said.
Colin Nissan wrote the spots, which will air on New England stations throughout the summer, Deadrick said. The vast majority of the chain’s 200 eastern U.S. restaurants are located in the Boston/Providence, R.I., area.
“This is an interim campaign to get them on air this summer while we do some final positioning for the brand.” Deadrick said. “We’re doing focus groups” that will lead to a subsequent campaign this fall. That campaign will use radio and TV, he added.
One execution features Kelly and Tommy, a brother and sister who will not stop screaming and hitting each other in the backseat of their parents’ car. When the folks announce that their destination is Papa Gino’s, the kids do a quick about-face and behave. “Mum, did you say Papa Gino’s?” Kelly asks. “That sounds absolutely splendid.” Her brother chimes in: “Sorry about hitting you back there, Kell. I was a bit angry and just lashing out.”
Clarke Goward picked up the estimated $4-5 million account following a review this spring [Adweek, May 12]. The client had parted ways with three-year incumbent EvansGroup, Seattle, in March. Prior to that, the business was with Houston Herstek Favat in Boston. That shop created the boisterous Mama Gino spokescharacter, who appeared in commercials in the early 1990s.