Pizza Icon Has a Midlife Crisis

Little Caesar Celebrates 40 in a Sports Car
DETROIT–Little Caesars Pizza is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new ad campaign from Bozell Worldwide, Southfield, Mich.
TV spots will air nationally for six weeks on network and cable, including TNT’S World Championship Wrestling. The pizza chain, based here, is also exploring some family-oriented cross-promotions and interactive ventures.
The new effort includes radio, point-of-sale and a TV spot in which the Little Caesar character turns 40.
Titled “The Big 4-0,” the spot shows him driving an older car as he makes eye contact with a young blonde. “Nice car, pops,” she says.
Embarrassed, he trades his beater for a red Dodge Viper. He then encounters the same blonde, who notices not only his new wheels, but also a pizza on the car seat. This time, she accepts a ride.
The use of the Viper was not an intentional cross-promotion with Chrysler Corp., one of Bozell’s largest clients. BBDO, also in Southfield, handles the Dodge division.
“The Viper has that sort of testosterone-laden quality to it,” said Mark Simon, Bozell creative director. “The red sports car is the clichƒ for when a man turns 40.”