Pizza Hut Partakes in ‘Three Wishes’

DALLAS Tonight’s episode of NBC’s Three Wishes features product placement from Pizza Hut, which helped a 13-year-old Ohio girl achieve her goal of building a library in her hometown, the restaurant chain said.

The value of the product placement was not disclosed.

Hosted by singer Amy Grant, Three Wishes is a reality show in which deserving people see their wishes fulfilled, the network said.

In tonight’s episode, Nicole Donant, a 13-year-old with cerebral palsy, gets her wish by having a library built in Mineral City, Ohio. Pizza Hut contributes to the effort through its Book It! Reading Incentive Program, the company said. The chain said it also contributed 500 books of Nicole’s choosing to the new library and hosted a pizza party for the town’s 900 residents.

Since 1985, Pizza Hut has invested about $290 million in its Book It! program, and offers the materials to implement the initiative, as well as the incentives, free to teachers.

Dallas-based Pizza Hut is part of the Yum Brands group of restaurants.