Pizza Hut Marks Pan Pie’s 25th B-Day

DALLAS Pizza Hut launches a new national TV campaign Sunday promoting a 25-cent offer on the 25th anniversary of its Pan Pizza, the client said.

The $32 million campaign, created by BBDO in New York, includes three TV spots that depict Pizza Hut delivery people trying unsuccessfully to give away quarters. They decide instead that it’s better to simply offer medium, one-topping Pan Pizzas for 25 cents with the purchase of any large specialty pie at menu price.

The first commercial, titled “Tooth Fairy,” involves a Pizza Hut delivery driver placing a quarter under the pillow of a sleeping customer. The customer awakens, tossing the driver out of the house.

In “Rain,” Pizza Hut delivery people in a hot air balloon express their thanks by dropping thousands of quarters, which unfortunately causes mayhem on the ground below.

“Hugs” stars a Pizza Hut delivery driver offering random embraces of thanks to pedestrians on a city street, but is met with reactions ranging from confusion to disdain. After the introductory scenes, each commercial includes the phrase, “On second thought, we’ll just give away a Pan Pizza for 25 cents.”

“Our new Pan Pizza campaign takes a humorous look at how Pizza Hut wishes to say thanks to America for making it a top-selling pizza on our menu for 25 years,” said Tom James, CMO for Dallas-based Pizza Hut.

The campaign includes local broadcast and radio, direct mail, print, online and in-restaurant point-of-purchase materials, according to Pizza Hut.

Key executives on the campaign at BBDO include chief creative officer David Lubars, executive creative director Janet Lyons, art director Tony La Monte, copywriters Mike Towell and Alec Brownstein, executive producer Helene Balzarini and account director Rick Doerr, the agency said.