The Pitfall in Buying Online

Though online shopping has gone mainstream, that doesn’t mean consumers have entirely overcome their misgivings about using credit cards online. In  Rasmussen Reports polling last month, just 24 percent of the respondents described themselves as “very comfortable” about using their credit cards to make online purchases. Another 25 percent said they are only “somewhat comfortable” about doing this.

That left nearly half who were either “not very comfortable” (26 percent) or “not at all comfortable” (21 percent) about using their credit cards this way. For most of the respondents, such anxiety has no basis in personal bad experience: Just 12 percent said they’ve ever had their credit-card information stolen online (with another 8 percent unsure about whether this has happened).

On the broader issue of identity theft, 45 percent said they are “very concerned” about it. Sixteen percent said their identity already has been stolen.