Pita Communications Promotes Hartford

BOSTON Pita Communications is readying a campaign for the Hartford Image Project, an entity designed to promote the Connecticut capital as an attractive place to work and play.

A 30-second TV spot, set to launch at the end of the month, takes the viewer on an animated journey through Hartford during the day and into the evening, highlighting such attractions as the city’s Children’s Theatre, Civic Center and various dining establishments. “For those who want to be embraced by arts and culture … for those who live for the moment but want to connect to the past … for those who crave more taste, more melody, more magic, we know just the place,” a voiceover says.

The spot closes with the organization’s logo and tag, “Hartford: New England’s Rising Star,” introduced in 2001 by McLaughlin, DelVecchio & Casey in New Haven, Conn.

“People in the Hartford area are bored of the same streets and images,” said agency president Paul Pita, adding that in order to capture the public’s attention, he thought it necessary to romanticize the city and emphasize specific things to do and see there.

The spot will run on network affiliates and cable stations throughout the state.

The TV spot is supported by a print effort using similar imagery. The ads will run in the Hartford Courant, Legends Magazine, Hartford Magazine and other regional publications.

The Hartford Image Project is a consortium of various organizations in the city that aims to promote Hartford as a desirable place to work and visit. Members include the Hartford Chamber of Commerce, Metro Hartford Alliance, the Hartford Economic Development Commission and the Hartford Arts Council. The project tapped Pita in Rocky Hill, Conn., last year for the account.