Pie In The Sky

Gotham chairman Stone Roberts stars in a bizarre video the agency has sent to search consultants to remind them of the success the shop has achieved for E*Trade since it picked up the account two years ago.
The video starts with Roberts speaking to the camera: “We at Gotham are proud to announce that all over America, thousands and thousands of stockbrokers hate our guts.” He then takes a cream pie in the face.
As Roberts wipes his face, the video notes that E*Trade’s stock price has risen from $14 to more than $100, and that the number of BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes in the E*Trade parking lot has gone up 92 percent. Up next: a Gotham E*Trade spot.
Roberts appears again and says, “So get in touch with us at Gotham. We’d love to make your competition hate us.” He ducks a second pie, but is hit on the third try.
The New York shop wanted “to take advantage of the case histories while they are still hot and still relevant,” Roberts said. Two weeks ago, E*Trade began a creative shoot-out between Gotham and San Francisco’s Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Gotham has not decided if it will participate, Roberts said. –Justin Dini