She’s not achingly hip; she’s just drawn that way.

Alex, spokescharacter for fashion e-tailer Bluefly, has returned in a second in-house campaign for the site.

In an ad breaking in fashion magazines in October, she’s in an airport-like loungewearing leather pants and carrying a leather bag, both of which are sold on Bluefly.com.

Next to the illustration are photos of the clothes, a departure from the prior work, said Tom Jarrold, creative director at the New Yorkcompany.

The first Bluefly effort, which broke last December, depicted Alex in the home and office, shopping at Bluefly.com.

“We launched the [first] campaign with an eight-page insert that said we’re hip, cool, fashionable,” he said. “Now, we’re really getting at the core strategy.”

That strategy, of course, is to focus on the clothes. A second print ad, breaking in November, will tout Bluefly’s cashmere offerings.