Picking Our Favorite Foods

People don’t rhapsodize about vanilla the way they do about chocolate. A dessert called “death by vanilla” would sound like a joke. When it comes to ice cream, though, Bon Appetit’s annual “How America Eats” survey finds vanilla has more fans than chocolate: 41 percent picked vanilla as their favorite flavor, while 34 percent chose chocolate. Elsewhere in the poll, respondents picked ice cream as their top comfort food (35 percent), with cookies the runner-up (29 percent). Pasta, the previous year’s winner, dropped into third place this time (28 percent). And as you can see from the chart, ice cream (with toppings or otherwise) scored again when people were asked to name their guilty pleasures. Among other info-morsels from the survey: Pizza was the leading vote-getter among take-out entrées (65 percent), trailed by Chinese/other Asian (63 percent) and rotisserie chicken (32 percent). Chocolate chip beat oatmeal/oatmeal-raisin in the voting for favorite cookie (75 percent to 52 percent).