Phony, But Funny

In an unusual effort to attract new business, Oxygen Advertising is sending potential clients letters of recommendation–from fake companies.
Those vouching for the small New York shop include fictitious luxury-goods consultants YachtNamers (logo shown here), “good to the last milliliter” healthcare company Spoonful of Medicine and the “cutting edge” Sharp Toy Co., whose president writes, “Oxygen has given us some of the best creative ideas since the Sweaty Suzi Stun Gun.”
The agency, which wants to broaden its healthcare-dominated client base, sent funny letters representing a dozen categories to marketing heads at 1,500 companies.
The campaign has elicited a slew of delighted phone calls, said vice president, co-creative director Stephen Friedman.
One recipient, however, was enraged by the (fictitious) Burning Log Channel’s suggestion that his ads could be improved: “He hung up before we could explain that it was a joke,” said Friedman. “I think he just needed to vent.”
–Emily Fromm