Philip Johnson “Works’ for Infinium

North American Print Campaign Talks Tough for Office Productivity
BOSTON-In Philip Johnson Associates’ first campaign for Infinium Software, the world of business is portrayed as a no-nonsense place where playing it safe and squeaking by simply aren’t options.
Four print ads now appearing on consecutive right-hand pages of InfoWeek and BusinessWeek introduce the tagline, “Do great work.” The effort focuses on the faces of business people-men and women of all ages and colors-who can benefit from Infinium’s products.
The first ad features a close-up of a stubble-chinned, bespectacled corporate-type and the headline, “Don’t tell me it can’t be done.” The text continues: “Your people can do the impossible. Technology should help. You know the pieces are out there. Isn’t it time someone made them work for you?”
Turn the page, and a second execution shows a woman apparently lost in thought. The headline reads, “Be safe. Squeak by. No thanks.”
The third ad, showing an older, wiser-looking face, suggests, “If you’re not exceptional, you’re a commodity.”
The final ad, with type set against a black background, drives home the overall message that accounting, personnel and manufacturing software from Infinium can help growing enterprises “do great work.”
The mission: capture the “hearts and minds” of corporate executives, for whom the successful completion of tasks can be the ultimate fulfillment, said Susan Shelkrot, account manager at Philip Johnson in Cambridge, Mass.
The ads will run in publications in the U.S. and Canada for the remainder of the year. Though rolled out as a group for maximum impact, individual executions will be featured and new ads using “other faces and other sentiments” will be introduced, Shelkrot said.
Media chores for the current push are being handled by Carat Freeman in Newton, Mass. Spending was not disclosed but was estimated in the low seven figures.
Philip Johnson picked up creative duties on the account last year after a review [Adweek, Sept. 28, 1998].