Philadelphia agency Goose is putting its gender-oriented marketing abilities to use for the Philadelphia Phillies, a new client from Major League Baseball.
In TV spots breaking April 4 in Philadelphia’s regional markets, scenes of heroic catches and affection between players are interspersed with poetic onscreen copy. Jazz and lullaby music play throughout.
One spot shows Phillies players slapping each other’s butts, congratulations for a job well done. Copy reads: “It’s an act of affection. A sign that we’re unified. And yeah, it kinda feels good.
You wanna make something of it?”
The Goose team worked with the Phillies in-house promotions team to create a campaign that would appeal to both men and women, said Goose creative director Kelly Simmons.
“There are a lot of women who like baseball, particularly in Philadelphia,” Simmons said. “They also have a young, attractive team, with players like Scott Rolen, Bobby Abreu and Andy Ashby.
Women notice.”
The production is a feminine take on the game, with more fades and dissolves, she said.
–Kathleen Sampe