P&G’s Marc Pritchard Calls for Shaking Up the Media Supply Chain

At the ANA Media Conference, the chief brand officer urged marketers to consider a new system

'Digital media continues to grow exponentially, and with it, a dark side persists, and in some cases, has gotten worse,' according to Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer of Procter and Gamble. Getty Images
Headshot of Diana Pearl

At this week’s annual ANA Media Conference in Orlando, Florida, Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer of Procter and Gamble, called on marketers to embrace a new system when it comes to the media supply chain, in order to fend off the persistent “dark side” that exists within the current ecosystem, he said.

“It’s time to create a new media supply chain,” Pritchard told the conference’s attendees. “It’s time to invest our brainpower into an ecosystem that builds in quality, civility, transparency, privacy and control from the very start. A new media supply chain that levels the playing field and operates in a way that is clean, efficient, accountable and properly moderated for everyone involved.”

Prichard continued: “Digital media continues to grow exponentially, and with it, a dark side persists, and in some cases, has gotten worse,” he added.  “Waste continues to exist from lack of transparency and fraud. Seven out of 10 consumers say ads are annoying, and ad blocking is accelerating. Privacy breaches and consumer data misuse keeps occurring. Unacceptable content continues to be available and is still being viewed alongside our brands.”

Creating this new supply chain involves five steps: elevating quality, promoting civility, leveling the playing field, simplifying privacy and taking control. This means encouraging marketers to only partner with companies with high-quality content that reflects their values, creating a balanced and productive discussion around editorial content, demanding transparency across all media platforms, respecting and prioritizing consumers’ privacy and using the data they have at their disposal to make smarter decisions.

ANA CEO Bob Liodice said that the organization agrees with Pritchard’s encouragements and is currently pursuing methods of greater governance throughout the advertising community, trying to eliminate fraud in digital advertising, engaging consumers whilst respecting their privacy and prioritizing the values of gender equality, inclusion and sustainability.

“The ANA fully supports Marc’s vision and call to action,” said Liodice. “His framework is completely consistent with ANA’s mission and leadership agenda as outlined in ANA’s Masters Circle initiative.”

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