P&G Touts ‘100 Ways to Enjoy Pringles’

Pringles wants to hear the echo of crunching chips online. The chip brand this week launched a sweepstakes called “100 Ways to Enjoy Pringles,” which encourages consumers to share how they eat their Pringles and promotes new 100-chip canisters.

Site visitors can make submissions to the sweepstakes at Pringles.com/100ways through Sept. 11 in the form of a photo, video, or text message. Winners will be chosen at random to attend the Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival in October, or receive a $100 gift certificate.

One entry on the site shows a woman from Denver eating Pringles on a recumbent bike at the gym. Another entry is a video of a Kentucky woman flipping chips from a table into her mouth.

The brand created the effort with ad agency Grey Group to “give consumers a playful space to showcase their creativity and also see how others enjoy Pringles,” said Bryan Hamilton, brand manager for Pringles. It’s also meant to promote a larger, 100-crisp Super Stack version of Pringles, which was introduced in March.

The sweepstakes is similar to another contest in 2007, called “Jingles for Pringles,” which asked consumers to submit their own jingle video for the brand.