P&G Puts Diapers to ‘Torture Test’

Luvs Campaign From Leo Burnett Pushes Product’s Outer Limits
CHICAGO–Procter & Gamble depicts parents in difficult “real-life” situations outside of the home in its new campaign for Luvs diapers.
The ads, from Leo Burnett here, tout the diapers’ new “triple-layer protection.” They depart from the agency’s previous work for the brand by asserting the product is just
as reliable in less-than-ideal situations, said Burnett vice president and creative director Chris Laubach.
The brand’s previous advertising, which juxtaposed expectant parents’ idyllic images against the real-life chaos children create, featured babies “in and around the home,” Laubach said. But research showed moms wanted to see how the diapers stood up in more difficult situations, he said.
“The torture test is pushing the diapers a little farther than [moms] know they should,” he said.
New TV spots feature parents in cars and on hikes with their babies. In one spot, a couple drive past a series of billboards (ˆ la Burma-Shave) that warn of road delays ahead. “Prepare for delays. Get new Luvs diapers,” advises the last sign.
The campaign continues the brand’s 3-year-old tagline, “Live and learn and then get Luvs.”
An outdoor execution mimics the TV spot, with unbranded boards warning of impending delays. After a month, the boards will be changed to show the Luvs product, Laubach said.
The campaign also ventures into “ambient media” such as taxicab receipts which read, “The passenger after you hopes your baby’s wearing new Luvs.”
“We found a lot of moms who take their kids to day care or preschool are using cabs,” Laubach said.
Billings for the campaign were not disclosed, but a Burnett representative said P&G was planning a “significant” spending increase over previous efforts. P&G spent nearly $30 million on advertising for the brand last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting.