Perlot to Exit 72andSunny

LOS ANGELES Brand director Greg Perlot, one of the four founders of independent 72andSunny, said he is leaving the agency next week to become senior vice president of marketing for sportswear brand Quiksilver.

Perlot, 44, came to the El Segundo, Calif., shop from the global brand communications side of Microsoft, where he met agency co-founders John Boiler, Glenn Cole and Robert Nakata.

Perlot said the return to the client side satisfies his appreciation of “digging in deeper with one brand, overseeing all aspects of the business and marketing, and that higher level of ownership and accountability.”

Perlot maintains that he leaves the agency “in great shape.” Founded in 2004 with just the four partners, the shop now employs 50 people. “That’s a point of pride to me. Four years later, the company has strong leadership in place that can step into what little hole I’m leaving,” he said.

At Quiksilver, Perlot will report to Steve Tully, president of Quiksilver in the Americas, and Greg Macias, vice president of marketing, will report to Perlot.

“Quiksilver is not a corporate but a creative culture,” Perlot said. “They’ve been our client for almost four years. The challenge will be for me to find the leverage in their kind of nontraditional approach.” He said that Quiksilver has always done “content-based, experiential marketing. Where they’ve been is where marketing is going.”

72andSunny clients include Microsoft, Bugaboo strollers, Discovery Channel and Nike+ (Europe). Last year the agency launched Microsoft’s Zune product.

“This is a great opportunity for Greg and a great next chapter for our company,” said Cole in a statement. “We’ve long passed the point where 72andSunny is about the partners. We’ve cultivated an amazing group of leaders here that will get to spread their wings even more now.”