Periscope Wins Mayo Brands

CHICAGO Food company C.F. Sauer has tapped independent agency Periscope to handle the estimated $3-5 million advertising account covering its mayonnaise brands including Duke’s, BAMA and Sauer’s.

The Minneapolis shop, which will also handle the company’s Spice Hunter brand, will provide strategic planning, integrated marketing and advertising support for the brands, beginning with Duke’s mayonnaise.

“We are excited to bring our high-energy team to the C.F. Sauer family of high-quality products,” said agency president Greg Kurowski, in a statement. “We look forward to supporting C.F. Sauer’s growth plans and tradition of excellence in the packaged-foods and flavorings category.”

Contenders in the client’s review were not disclosed. C.F. Sauer’s had no recorded spending last year.

Conrad Fredrick Sauer founded the Richmond, Va.-based company in 1887 as a firm that sold flavorings and extracts in five and ten gram bottles. By 1927, it was the largest seller of spices and extracts in the nation. In the 1940s, the company sponsored the Sauer Show, which ran on 73 radio stations in 13 Southern states.