Periscope Offers Debut for Play It Again Sports

Periscope’s first campaign for Play It Again Sports humorously positions the sports-store chain as a place where amateur athletes can find the sport that best suits them.

“[The retailer] al lows you to try different things and keep changing your gear,” said Charlie Callahan, a creative director at the Minneapolis shop. “We all have garages full of [sports] stuff. That’s why they have garage sales.”

Minneapolis-based Play It Again offers both new and used sporting goods. Periscope’s spots, which will be distributed to Play It Again’s 500-plus franchises, humorously combine two unrelated sports to depict how one person might be more interested in one than the other.

One ad shows the female half of a figure-skating pair completing her routine by body checking her teammate. “If hockey’s your real love, bring in those figure skates and we’ll buy them from you,” says a voiceover.

Other spots juxtapose a baseball infielder stopping a ball with his chest and kicking it soccer-style to first base for an out, and a golfer who chases down his own drive for a diving baseball-style catch before relaying the ball to the hole.

“We picked sports that were naturals to combine,” Callahan said. “These are some of the big-ticket items [franchises] want to push.”

The campaign marks a return to humor after a few years of ads that featured store interiors, Callahan said. The new work, like the old, was still produced on a modest budget.

Periscope picked up the account earlier this year. The incumbent was not known. Franchisees can air the ads in their markets, making it impossible to offer an accurate media spending figure.