perfect delivery

Shooting its latest TV spot for grocery delivery service Simon, Kruskopf Olson was looking for realism.

The Minneapolis shop may have gotten more than it bargained for.

For the ad, which depicts a SimonDelivers truck dragging a grocery store down the street, creatives redecorated an unused Video Update store to look like a corner grocery. They did such a good job, two women attempted to enter the store for their weekly shopping, reports agency head Sue Kruskopf.

Like Webvan, SimonDelivers offers Web-based grocery shopping. But unlike the now-defunct Webvan, SimonDelivers does not allow users to pick the times of delivery.

“They have delivery routes, just like the milkman,” Kruskopf said.

That point of difference is what is expected to make the difference for the company. But it may not be enough to protect them from lonely housewife jokes.