Perdue Spoofs Infomercials

Chicken is slashed with a chainsaw, launched in the air from a grinder and manhandled in a glass box in Lowe Lintas & Partners’ new campaign for Perdue Farms, thanks to gizmos such as the Chain Carver, Nuggetizer and Chicken Tank.

But wait, says company chairman Jim Perdue — why not just buy Perdue chicken? That’s the story line that unfolds in three new TV spots by the New York shop’s creative group heads Simon Bowden and David Lowe. The first spot breaks today.

Each spot resembles an infomercial, with a perky host or two and a clap-happy studio audience. Stark lighting and a cheesy “paid advertisement,” notice at the bottom of the screen complete the picture.

“We tried to make it like a Saturday Night Live sketch,” explained Bowden, an art director. “It was actually done like a live show.”

The spots were directed by Joe Public, the team who brought’s “Sweatermen” to life.

In “Chicken Tank,” a man and woman demonstrate how to strip fat from chicken via glove holes in a glass box. Then Perdue appears and asks, “Why trim anything?” noting his chicken parts are “99 percent fat free.” Perdue gets applause, but guards quickly escort him out.

Similarly, in “Nuggetizer,” a host drops chicken parts into a grinder that launches nuggets, and in “Chain Carver,” another host splits a chicken with a chainsaw.

Spending was not available, but CMR estimates Purdue spent $20 million in measured media last year.