Pepsi Gets ‘More Happy’

NEW YORK While shrinking soda sales may be making PepsiCo sad, the No. 2 cola company certainly isn’t letting its new advertising show it.

Pepsi’s “More happy” campaign broke earlier this week on Fox. Replacing “Pepsi. It’s the cola,” which broke in 2003, the new ads “capture what it feels like to drink Pepsi,” said company representative Dave DeCecco. “It means different things to different people, but it’s always positive.

In the first ad, “Pinball,” created by longtime agency BBDO, New York, a man is taken for a wild ride atop the iconic red, white and blue “Pepsi globe.” The orb is also featured in “Beach Ball,” which breaks Saturday night on VH1.

Upcoming ads will direct viewers to, where they can see the new variations of the Pepsi can. The company will launch a new design every three weeks, accounting for 35 in total.

Spending behind Pepsi has been down significantly of late. Last year, the brand received $75 million in media support—more than half of its budget overall ($135 million) in 2004, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. PepsiCo has vowed to refocus on its core brand this year as evidenced by the new packaging and creative.

Pepsi sales have been slumping. In the supermarket channel, for example, its volume was down 6.2 percent for the first 11 months of last year compared to Coke (-4.2 percent) and Cadbury (-1.5 percent), per Beverage Digest.

Pepsi showed its system work featuring the tagline “Feel the Pepsi” at its bottler meeting last year, but opted for “More happy” instead. “We’ve been tweaking it for months to get it right,” said DeCecco.

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