Pepperidge Farm Floats Fish Story

NEW YORK “Finn” is an animated version of Norma Rae who tries to unite fellow Goldfish snacks in a new Pepperidge Farm TV commercial.

His credo: “To avoid being eaten, you’ve got to avoid the bowl, avoid the baggies. Cool?”

The others listen, but they know their place in the snack world. They giggle and jump into a dish as a hand reaches in to take them to their inevitable end. Finn yells, “Wait!!” as a voiceover offers, “Tasty Goldfish crackers, baked with real cheddar cheese. It’s a wonder they’re not extinct.”

Finn returns to the package to seek others willing to hear his message. “So much for fish being brain food,” he sighs.

The 30-second spot was crafted by independent shop BrightHouse in Atlanta. That shop was tapped late last year for creative ideas by the Norwalk, Conn.-based client [Adweek Online, Nov. 24].

The client, a unit of Campbell Soup, spends about $20 million annually to advertise its Goldfish snacks, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.