People Go Wild for Jack Link’s Jerky

CHICAGO Carmichael Lynch likens people to wild animals in a new campaign for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky.

Television spots, which broke last week, depict everyday people in rugged situations intended to highlight the brand’s “Feed your wild side” tagline. One ad shows a group of people in a field eating jerky when a helicopter appears over the horizon. Like animals encountered in the wild, they run from the copter, but one man is felled by a tranquilizer gun. When he wakes up, his ear is marked with a yellow identification tag. Another commercial shows a man being released back into the wild—presumably after being studied.

“This campaign has a sense of adventure that drives home the ‘wild side’ theme,” said Peter McHugh, chief creative officer and managing partner at the Minneapolis agency in a statement. “We’re portraying Jack Link’s as distinct from anyone else out there, and I think it will resonate with the broader audience we are talking to.”

The spots will air on national cable networks during sports and lifestyle programming. The campaign will also include outdoor breaking in August, and a re-designed Web site that will include outdoor survival tips and online games.

The campaign represents the shop’s first work for the Minong, Wis., company.

Spending on the effort was not disclosed. When the Interpublic Group shop won the account last August, billings were estimated at $15 million.