Pedone Mixes Message for Mills’ Malls

NEW YORK Pedone & Partners is set to steer consumers to The Mills Corporation’s shopping malls across the U.S. via two campaigns backed by $10 million.

The campaigns, one for Mills’ Landmark and one for 21st Century properties, are the first work from the New York shop, which won the account in September. For the former sites, “shoppertainment centers” that offer Medievel Times restaurants and ESPN Zone skate parks, the agency crafted its “Where shopping lives” campaign.

“If you look at traditional mall advertising, they show the store names and they show some shopping bags and you’re done with it,” said agency creative director Tom Cook. “These malls are very different than what you’d expect. It’s a shopping adventure.”

To communicate the “You are what you shop” strategy, the agency created a series of cartoon characters literally made of the items they would find at the malls. In one of three print ads, a boy has a sneaker for a torso and golf clubs for legs. In the first of three TV spots, an animated girl, backed by a bubbly jazz quartet soundtrack, blazes through the mall trying on a perfume bottle, a pair of shoes and a purse as if they were a dress.

For the more traditional 21st Century retail properties, the shop drew upon the familiarity of local malls while encouraging shoppers to cast a fresh eye on their offerings.

“You know your local mall really well. You park in the same spot in the same lot, you go to the same collection of stores,” said Cook. “We want you to branch out and see things are happening beyond the collection of stores that you call your own.”

To expand consumers’ horizons, print ads pair functional items with fashionable ones. In one, a Puma sneaker is laced with a gold chain bearing a diamond pendant. In another, a silver evening bag hangs from a pot rack with other kitchenware. “More than you’re looking for” is the tagline of the campaign.

Each campaign is supported by local marketing efforts, including regional editions of national magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as local newspapers, TV, radio, direct mail, in-mall media and outdoor billboards.