Pedigree “Crazy Pets”

A world without dogs would in fact be a sad and lonely place. So it’s not surprising that TBWA\Chiat\Day takes a comical approach to imagining life without our canine chums for Pedigree’s first Super Bowl appearance.

The 30-second commercial recasts typical human-dog activities with atypical substitute animals. For example, a woman has a tough time walking a rhino, while a bull ignores a Frisbee toss. Ostriches and boars are also no fun.

David Duchovny’s familiar voiceover suggests that perhaps there is a better way. “Maybe you should get a dog,” he says, and invites viewers to join the brand’s adoption drive.

The spot does well to make its case via over-the-top visuals that would be hard to ignore even at a rowdy Super Bowl party. And it stands to make a memorable dent in the line-up of ads featuring beer, babes and and Conan O’Brien –Eleftheria Parpis