There are many ways to help prevent theft. One option is to create an ad, which is the approach taken by McCaffery Ratner Gott lieb & Lane.

Darren Press, copywriter at the New York shop, recently noticed on his way to work that someone had pilfered one of the agency’s posters for New York’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant from a telephone kiosk in Manhattan. As the thefts of other Oyster Bar ads continued to occur at various kiosks in the city, the shop decided to create a new poster that addresses the matter.

“Please don’t steal this poster,” the copy reads. Beneath that line, an image of a kiosk—sans Oyster Bar ad—appears. “Yikes!” the copy continues. “Some fellow citizens are plundering our posters. We’re flattered to be pop art, but you’re getting us in trouble.”

The ad then urges folks to have lunch at the Oyster Bar instead. “Ask nicely and we may give you a poster,” adds the copy. “Just not this one.”

The new ad is slated to break in Manhattan this week.

Press said the appeal of the Oyster Bar ads may be due in part to the striking visuals and copy.

“It’s always good when someone appreciates your work,” he said.