PC Guy Makes Strong Case for Apple

NEW YORK I love when PC gets all fired up. In a new Apple “Mac vs. PC” commercial from TBWA\Media Arts Lab, PC can barely contain himself. From behind a podium featuring a sign pleading “Don’t Give Up On Vista,” PC informs Mac that he’s taking a formal stance on the operating system because people are giving up on it—with some users actually downgrading back to Windows XP. “But we PCs won’t give up,” he says. “If your printer isn’t compatible with Vista, buy a new one!” He tells viewers to ignore all the features of the new Mac Leopard system. “Ask not what Vista can do for you, ask what you can buy for Vista!” When pressed on how serious he is about the subject matter, however, PC admits away from the microphone that he went back to XP weeks ago and is “so much happier.” Mac doesn’t need to say much, which is just fine, because like most of the ads in this campaign, PC steals the show and inevitably makes a stronger argument for making the switch to Apple than the Mac guy ever could.