‘Passion’ For The Road

Suissa Miller this week breaks its first dealer TV spot for Acura, airing on national and spot TV and backed by an estimated $10 million.
The 30-second spot (shown here), titled “Passion,” opts for a dark, mysterious mood to position the Integra as the vehicle of choice for those with restless hearts.
The ad follows a man roaming the countryside as a woman’s voice sings a high, sad melody. “If you sing like an angel but do it without love, you’ll never rise above the crowd,” says a voiceover as the man is seen wandering a country path, standing on a stormy shore and climbing a hill in the half-light.
Intercut are shots of the Integra zooming down country roads.
The voice concludes, “If you drive a sports car but do it without passion, you’re not driving an Integra from Acura.”
The Los Angeles agency landed Acura dealer duties last month [Adweek, Feb. 15].
–Tim Nudd and Angela Dawson