‘A Passion For Pizza’

Clarke Goward Unveils Broadcast Effort For Papa Gino’s, Eschews Spokespeople

BOSTON–Clarke Goward here has launched a television and radio campaign for Papa Gino’s employing the tagline, “A passion for pizza.” The ads position the chain’s 200 restaurants as fun, family-oriented eateries.
A 30-second television spot, the agency’s first for the client since it won the account in May, features a young Papa Gino’s pizza maker wowing a crowd of hungry onlookers. The spectators become so breathless, they literally fog up the salad guard.
Four humorous 60-second radio spots feature offbeat characters, including a gypsy fortune teller, a bogus “Love Line” talk show host and a National Public Radio-style broadcaster. In the ads, the brand message is augmented by the promotion of specific products such as Gourmet Primo pizzas and Papa Wrap sandwiches.
“People feel passionate about pizza,” said Spencer Deadrick, creative director of Clarke Goward. “In these ads, we’re saying Papa Gino’s is the place for people who feel passionate about pizza” because the client shares that devotion.
The agency made a conscious effort to avoid creating the campaign around a specific spokescharacter, Deadrick said. Papa Gino’s TV work in the early 1990s from Houston Herstek Favat in Boston featured Mama Gino. The diminutive, heavily accented spitfire raised the ire of some Italian Americans who believed she was an ethnic stereotype.
Later ads from the EvansGroup in Seattle starred a Brooklyn-style tough guy given to saying, “Hoopy-doo!” as he ordered pizza.
In the current work, “we tried to focus on the product–the core product, pizza–and why people like it,” Deadrick said. Colin Nissan wrote the ads, working with art director Sean Farrell on the TV spot.
The campaign will run through year’s end in Boston and Providence, R.I., where the majority of the Dedham, Mass.-based pizzeria chain’s restaurants are located. More television commercials are on tap for the winter and spring, Deadrick said.
The agency picked up the estimated $4-5 million account from EvansGroup following a review. Clarke Goward had to part with its Wendy’s regional media buying and promotions business to take on Papa Gino’s.