Passaic Hits Web Target

If you’re going to be a sleep-deprived Web pro, you should at least be handsomely rewarded.
That’s the premise behind a new e-mail advertising campaign created by Passaic Parc for global placement agency Aquent Partners. “Because of HTML, we can now send visual conceptual advertising to lots of people via e-mail,” said Robert Rosenthal of Passaic Parc, Wellesley, Mass., who served as the copywriter for the campaign. And because the ads are permission-based, people are not flooded with unwanted computer messages.
To further entice potential clients, those who click on the “upgrade” button in the ad receive a free Web Skill & Salary Guide, and the first 100 responders also receive a free Sharper Image Ball to help provide answers to life’s questions. The effort is part of a test by Aquent and Passaic to determine the most effective advertising medium. The test included 100,000 HTML and all-text e-mail messages, 80,000 direct mail pieces and three banner ads.
For consistency, the campaign draws upon visual elements of the corporate advertising campaign created for Aquent by lead agency Digitas, Boston, including the typography and an image of a man jumping.
–Rebecca Flass