party loyalty

The Labour Party’s Tony Blair has swept the U.K. elections to remain prime minister. But could the lowest voter turnout there since 1918 partly be the fault of the little-known Freedom Party?

Possibly, if the Brits heeded its message, which is to do “What you want. When you want.”

The fictitious party first reared its head in the U.S. last fall, but has now made it to the U.K. Ads from R&R Partners for the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority featured a character named Brock Wilder who urged people to join the “party” in Las Vegas.

Four spots originally aired in the U.S. But R&R senior account supervisor Julie Wolf said three of them couldn’t be used over seas because of their American imagery—in one, the Stars and Stripes (in the pattern of a towel), and in another the Statue of Liberty (in front of Vegas hotel New York, New York).

Apparently, Wilder’s American accent was not a hindrance.

The ad that did air showed Wilder disdain fully suggesting that other parties are “not even real” because “half the time, they don’t even have chips.”