Party Like It’s 1983

Goodby to ring in 20th birthday with a grand reunion

They didn’t do much for the 10th. They let the 15th slip by. But the partyers at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners are dusting off the beer funnels for the shop’s 20th birthday this Tuesday. Some 1,000 people (everyone who’s ever toiled at the San Francisco shop) have been invited to a block party next to the firm’s old offices near the waterfront. About 500 are expected to attend. “It’ll be fantastic,” says Jeff Goodby, “and a real test of my ability to remember anyone’s name.”

In the invitation shown here, the small print begins, “We know what you’re thinking. If he croaks in the next couple of months, we’re going to be really sorry we did this postcard.” Max Fallon, longtime director of print production, was chosen to appear on the invite because he hasn’t changed a bit over the years. “The rest of us don’t share this talent,” the card admits, before urging invitees to stop by the party and “see just what ravages time has wrought.”

Judging from a possibly tongue-in-cheek release it also sent out, the shop has done just about everything in the past 20 years but find a cure for the common cold. “No other agency, perhaps ever, has done the level of work we’ve done for so many different clients,” says Rich Silverstein. Adds Goodby, “Look at what our people have gone on to do. … Heck, [co-founder] Andy Berlin’s now running a whole damn network for Martin Sorrell.”