Party City “Brew Your Costume”

Halloween is a holiday that used to belong to the little pumpkins among us, but has become an outlet for adults to express their biggest fears or fetishes. For my money, there’s nothing more terrifying than a Bernie Madoff mask. But should you want some help in thinking outside the Bernie getup, Zimmerman has come up with a Facebook app as part of a Halloween push for Party City.

The site shows a steamy witch’s cauldron and gives users a choice of two routes to costume-finding: the “Analyze Me” button, which pulls info from your Facebook page and makes its own assessment, and “Answer Questions,” which ponders, among other things, your age, what kind of shoes you prefer and whether you would read your best friend’s diary. Results may vary, but mine offered two kinds of witches: “Sexy Witch” and the “Glamour Witch.” Basically, each is a French maid with a broom. I also got a standby recommendation — “Fantasy Fairy” — basically a French maid’s costume with wings.

For less racy fun, parents can enter kid information and come up with cute costumes. There’s also a Facebook fan page (more than 76,000 and counting) that offers other ideas, like couples costumes. All cauldron users have the option of posting the response to their Facebook pages, but I passed on that. The fact that I’m two witches is hardly, as the site puts it, “unboo-lievable!” to my friends. –Barbara Lippert