Partnership Takes Aim at Meth

Unsettling images of potential side effects and a methamphetamine “lab” aim to convey the facts about meth in two spots bowing this month for The Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

One of the 30-second commercials, by R&R Partners in Las Vegas, shows a woman compulsively plucking her eyebrow hairs. The other spot, created by the independent team of Michele Civetta, a Los Angeles-based director with HKM Productions, and Paul Opperman, a creative director at Amster Yard, depicts the grim reality of what a meth lab looks like—from the drain cleaner and nail-polish remover to a scary-looking manufacturer in a dimly lit room.

The pro bono ads were sent out to network and cable stations nationwide late last month. The organization decided to focus on meth after a survey it commissioned showed a slight rise in the use of that drug among teens. “We wanted to nip it in the bud, before it became a bigger problem,” said Rebecca Shaw, Partnership deputy director of creative development.

Both teams were selected for the ads, said Shaw, in part because “metham phetamines are a much bigger problem in the West and Midwest” and “agencies in the Northeast are less familiar with the drug.”

The Partnership works with about 10-15 agencies at any time on ads. Its last meth-oriented spots were produced 2-3 years ago; done by director Mike Franzini, they featured a series of testimonials from real meth addicts.