Park Your Ad Here

Those ubiquitous little concrete barriers that dot parking lots everywhere are, it turns out, called “wheel-stops.” But if a company in Encino, Calif., has its way, soon they will also be known as “AdCaps.”

Nusign Industries says its AdCaps will transform some of the estimated 75 million off-street parking spots into “an economically efficient vehicle to microtarget consumers with a call to action right where they are ready to buy.”

The company is offering a lightweight yet durable sleeve that fits snugly over the wheel-stop and can be easily changed to suit the needs of specific demo graphics or promotions. The signs will launch in 40 markets next month and could ultimately “change the parking lot landscape forever.”

“It’s an incredibly flexible program that helps bring revenue to the property owner and increases the aesthetic appeal of a parking lot,” said Neal Schore, pre sident of sales and COO at Nusign. “It’s also a great way to reach con sumers and create fun.”

Whatever the potential, the company is deter mined to be taken seriously. A glossy promotional brochure asserts that AdCaps are more efficient than TV, radio or print. It also compares the concept to Post-It Notes and Velcro: “powerfully simple, yet revolutionary in execution.”