Park CIty Mountain Resort “Boy”

We’re accustomed to travel-destination ads that tout family togetherness. But this ad for Utah’s Park City Mountain Resort (via Denver agency Thomas Taber & Drazen) is onto something as it features a measured dose of family apartness. The thing is, there’s been a conspicuous backlash during the past year against “helicopter parenting.” And this means there’s a growing number of parents in the market for opportunities to do less hovering over their kids, while still feeling their offspring will be having fun in a safe way. This ski venue shrewdly positions itself to answer that need. “No sidewalks. No stop signs. One big adventure,” says the copy, adding that the many beginner and intermediate ski runs mean “kids can explore to their heart’s content.” You have fun, the kid has fun, and — what seems to be as important in this era of vacationing as a form of self-improvement — you both feel as though you’ve accomplished something. “Clearly, a little freedom can go a long way,” as the copy here says. Another ad in the series, featuring a teenage girl, is probably a bit too literal-minded as it promotes the resort’s intermediate runs as a place to “boost self-esteem.” –Mark Dolliver