Paranormal Dollop for Blue Bell

Blue Bell Ice Cream next month launches its first new television spot in two years, paying homage to the The X-Files while hanging on to its trademark light humor.
The 30-second television commercial, via longtime creative agency Metzdorf in Houston, debuts March 1 in select markets across 10 states in the Southwest, Southeast and Midwest, according to the company. The ad is the newest spot since a 1997 commercial featured a delivery driver for the Brenham, Texas, dairy products company eating his entire truckload before arriving at a grocery store.
The media buy for the new commercial was undisclosed. Blue Bell, which uses broadcast media almost exclusively and reruns spots year-to-year, spends an average of $2 million annually. Last year, however, the company upped expenditures to $3.2 million in the first nine months, per Competitive Media Reporting.
Titled “Can’t Sleep,” family members are all seen tossing and turning in their beds. The scene cuts to the kitchen, where a mysterious green glow emanates from the freezer section of a floating refrigerator.
Accompanied by her growling dog, a young girl is the first to arrive in the kitchen to see the phenomenon. She is soon joined by the rest of the family, who catch her gobbling down Blue Bell’s vanilla ice cream.
“It’s sure hard to sleep with Blue Bell in the freezer,” she says, with a smidgen of ice cream on her chin. An empty carton of Blue Bell is next shown tilted on its side, before viewers catch a final glimpse of the girl now snugly asleep in her bed.
The spot will be placed in 45 Blue Bell markets throughout the spring, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Little Rock, Ark.
Agency principal Lyle Metzdorf served as writer, art director and producer of the commercial. He has produced all of Blue Bell’s television ads since 1969.