Paper Towels

Viva and Bounty secured a tie among those polled about paper towel brands. Consumers applauded them both for their cleaning ability, size and value for the price. “Viva’s millions of loyal users have a bond with the brand,” said Julio Del Cippo, Viva brand director. The Kimberly-Clark-owned Viva has grown from the No. 4 brand in terms of dollar share to No. 2 in the past three years. “Our users know Viva offers great quality and value for the money, and with assorted sizes ranging from big rolls, to bundle packs, to regular rolls, they can choose the size that matches their needs and their budgets.”
1.    Bounty/Viva
2.    Brawny
3.    Basic
4.    Scott
5.    Mardi Gras

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