Paper Magazines Favored Over Online

NEW YORK — Readers’ distaste for Internet ads is one of the main reasons online magazines have failed to gain favor over their paper-based brethren, according to a recent study from online market research firm InsightExpress.

Nearly 50 percent of 500 survey participants cited their dislike for online banner ads, pop-ups and general distractions as a primary reason for eschewing online magazines.

Inconvenience (57 percent) and eye strain (23 percent) also played a part. According to InsightExpress, Americans still want to take their magazines to bed, into the bathroom and on their commute.

Because of these, among other reasons, less than one in three individuals read magazines online, the study found.

Another hurdle for the online magazine business: While a majority of respondents (63 percent) currently pay for a traditional magazine subscriptions, nearly 80 percent expect online magazines to be free. “Any hopes of growing revenue with online magazines seem to be misguided as most readers expect online content to be free,” said Lee Smith, COO of InsightExpress.