Papa Murphy’s Makes It Fresh

Delivery cars and frozen pizzas are ancient history in davidandgoliath’s debut campaign for Papa Murphy’s take-and-bake pizza.

The effort, which breaks this week, explains the take-and-bake concept—a goal the Vancouver, Wash.-based client cited in August when it shifted the account without a review from Grey in San Francisco. The 21-year-old company is spending $5 million on the campaign through the end of this year.

“This is about building the brand, which is take-and-bake, and selling the goods,” said Rob Elliott, evp of marketing for the chain, which has nearly 800 stores in 22 states.

Ads are tagged, “A fresh way of making pizza,” which replaces, “We make it fresh. You bake it hot.”

David Angelo, chairman and chief creative officer of the Los Angeles agency, said the tag underscores Papa Murphy’s point of difference and “clearly illustrates that this product is fresh.” At the same time, he said, “It takes a pop at the competition. Everyone else is old-school. This is the new way of doing things.”

Two 30-second TV spots show a Papa Murphy’s employee explaining to customers that they can take the pizza home and pop it in the oven. “It’s gonna revolutionize pizza as we know it,” he says.

In one spot, a customer wonders what will happen to all the frozen pizzas in the world. The ad cuts to a park, where a guy is using one as a frisbee. A split-screen then shows a Papa Murphy’s employee reaching across to hand a freshly prepared pizza to a woman in her kitchen.

In the second ad, a boy wonders what will happen to delivery cars. The Papa Murphy’s employee says Hollywood will buy them, and a car is then seen driving off a cliff and exploding.

The spots also advertise a sales deal that will differ by market, Elliott said.

The campaign also includes two 60-second and three 30-second radio spots. The spot media buy was handled by the several different buying services hired by the local co-ops.