Panoramic Pitch for WTC Building

NEW YORK This weekend’s issue of The New York Times Magazine will feature a four-panel gatefold ad that portrays the office space being built at 7 World Trade Center as a place for visionary leaders.

The Silverstein Group signed a 99-year lease on WTC properties less than two months before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The company has been working to rebuild on the leased land since then.

The ad, by Via in Portland, Maine, aims to create an awareness and a vision for the new property that will open in March 2006. Void of the floor plans, leasing agreements and numbers typical of real estate advertising, it instead provides a panoramic view from the top of the building and the line, “For leaders with vision, your office is ready.” The ad promises, “A new building will define a new neighborhood.”

“The building lifts up the individual,” said Via CEO John Coleman. “And the neighborhood is green and lush and vibrant as opposed to midtown which is gray and very expensive.”

The insert, printed on card-stock paper and bound, “is really a keepsake,” Coleman said. “People who care about the rejuvenation of New York will be able to keep this.”

The ad will also run in the Nov. 30 edition of The New York Times and December issues of Fortune, Forbes, Money, Inc. and Fast Company, among other magazines. The ad will appear on buses and taxi tops beginning in late December.

Ad spending, not including online and onsite marketing efforts, which launch on Saturday, will total just over $1 million.